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Finalist for 401kTV GENIE Awards

Financial Elements, Resources' proprietary financial wellness solution, was a finalist for the 401k DC GENIE Awards in the Employee Education & Advice (Financial Wellness) category.  The awards banquet was held in New York City in the Park Lane Hotel on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Josh Frierdich, Financial Elements Operations Specialist and Brandon Cutler, Lead Financial Elements Mentor attended the awards banquet on behalf of the organization.

"While we were disappointed we didn't win, we are excited about the opportunity to be included in a strong group of finalists that are impacting the lives of employees for the better," Ashley Barb, Vice President of Client Experience, "our team at is energized by improving retirement outcomes and Financial Elements is seeing great traction in the marketplace."

About Financial Elements - Financial Elements goes beyond simply educating participants about Financial Wellness by providing participants with a financial Mentor to guide and motivate them in their financial journey. Financial Elements starts by having participants take a 15-question assessment, to get a baseline for each participant’s financial health. A Financial Elements Mentor will then reach out to provide one-on-one advice based on assessment answers and goals that participants identify. Advice that our Mentors provide cover areas such as budgeting, retirement planning, debt, and investment counseling - as well as many more. Participants also get access to our digital wellness platform to aid in budgeting, goal tracking, and retirement income planning. Finally, mentors will check-in periodically to make sure a participant is on-track and to continue improving a participants Financial Health. There is a cost per employee for this program, but it provides employees the flexibility, accountability, and comfort of working with a financial personal trainer over the phone or email.

About the Genie Awards - The Genie Awards are half day programs focused on implemented innovation that has improved retirement outcomes with a focus on creative use of technology followed by an award reception and luncheon announcing winners. Adults learn more by peer to peer interaction. DCGA will highlight proven innovation that has made a positive impact inspiring others. Progress to improve retirement security will come only from real collaboration — DCGA is the only industry program combining plan sponsors, advisors and providers. https://401ktv.com/genie-awards/


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